Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Children of Terra concepts

I've started this blog, later than I intended, to document the working process when constructing my graphic novel. I'd had ideas floating around in my head for more than a year, scribbled over random note pads and scraps of paper. A young adult trying to move out of the university culture of hardened drinking and staying up all night, I lacked the proper motivation to get my arse in gear.

All I needed was the time and the right setting, so that I could develop these ideas further. After saving and scraping up all of my cash, I set off on a year trip over three continents, sketch book ready. Being exposed to a variety of different sites and cultures turned out to be a great inspiration to me as both an artist and writer, giving me the motivation to right my own epic science-fiction adventure.

Over the period of time I was traveling, I started to sketch out and design characters from my notes. Coming from an illustration background, rather than a writers, I found it easier to draw the characters I'd imagined, and then construct the story around them.

Above are some early concepts of characters of my futuristic vision of earth, set a thousand years after the destruction as we know it.

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  1. Paul i love it man! Keep at it! I need to follow in your footsteps-did u do the website using dreamweaver>?