Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Zombies! Zombies!
Swoop Ronin

Black Sun Ninja

Children of Terra: Sapian

It's good to do some work in colour again. Brightens up the portfolio a bit.

Sample page from 'Children of Terra: Aurora Breach'.

The masked terrorists escape from the authorities through underground tunnels beneath the city.

Sample page from 'Children of Terra: Aurora Breach'.

Joshlen travels to the Patronus Templum, training ground and place of worship for the might Paladin of the Order.

Sample page from 'Children of Terra: Aurora Breach'

The lead character Joshlen powers down his Meta-coral armour back LEX Branch headquarters.

Children of Terra: Aurora Breach

Through my many re-writes and additions I finally completed a working, readable draft of my first issue. All in all from notes and sketches to this stage, it's taken me about two years. With the narrative bible of the world I've created now available for my reference, I hope that writing the following issues will not take that long.